Paut (phased array ultrasonic testing)

Tecnocontrol started to perform Phased Array inspections in 2007 on weldings of a large bridge made in Italy to be installed in Dallas-Texas.

In the following years we have progressively optimized the various techniques of inspection (and we are continuing to do so), implementing both quantity and quality of the instruments and probes, and increasing the training of our staff through courses and exam sessions held by certification bodies (as IIS) and thanks to a series of advanced training courses, conducted by the consulting firm Phasex of Quebec City (Canada) or by consultants on the subject of IMG Mandello del Lario LC (I)

Equipment we use :

  • Instruments:
    Olympus MX1- MX2
  • Modules:
    PA 32-128PR (PA1-PA2)
  • Probes:
    from 2 to 10 Mhz of various types of standard and customized wedges
  • Scanners:
    manual or motorized configurable for various applications.

The staff is qualified and certified according to the requirements of ISO 13588 or ASME Code.
The documentation concerning the qualification and certification of the personnel is available when a check is requested.

The main applications of our competence are:

  • Examination of longitudinal and circumferential welds on pipes or pressure vessel of various sizes and thicknesses, using motorized scanners.
  • Examination of welds between nozzle and shell or nozzle and bottom on pressure vessels with recorded guided manual scans.
  • Check of welds in austenitic materials and other highly attenuated materials, using probes specific to these applications (Eg. Olympus A 17)
  • Recorded welding inspections between tubes with diameters between 21 mm and 114 mm (0.84 in. – 4.5 in.) starting from a few mm thick using the Olympus Cobra scanner.
  • Inspection on forgings even of complex shapes, realizing, when necessary, various configurations of wedges according to the geometry of the piece.
  • Inspection or investigations with PA aimed at characterizing and locating with greater precision in the piece discontinuities previously detected with traditional methods (eg UT manuals).
  • Consultancy in order to evaluate the feasibility or advisability of applying PA control for specific applications.
  • Preparation of test procedure for specific applications.

A separate note is dedicated to the control of welds of relatively low thickness (8-12 mm), for which we can boast a very important experience gained in the TOFD-Phased Array techniques that we have performed on almost all the gates of the MOSE (Project for the construction of mobile barriers to protect Venice from high water) that has continuously engaged us from 2013 to 2017 (in this regard, see specific section of the site).

PAUT Critical weld of pipeline

PAUT Partial penetration welds of thick beam

PAUT+TOFD Circumferential weld of piping

PAUT+TOFD Longitudinal weld 125mm thick